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Become a Contributing Writer at! Talk about how you access your own talent. Really sit down and contribute a written article. Put your passion into your writing. Make friends and contacts. Suggestion is to write a 2000 -3000 words article. Do writing with passion and enthusiasm. Have Simon join in you contributing.

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Join the Community as a Guest Contributing Writer.

How you make your acting technique unique matters. Get feedback on how and why your adjustments to your acting work. Get suggestions on new things to try out to access your own talent. Have direct access to Simon. Expand the ways you activate your emotions into acting interaction.

Get Benefits.

You never know who you will or won’t meet when you authentically engage. When you authentically engage in your acting you always get a real time experience. In this industry surprises do happen. You may write something and help yourself expand your passion on emotions.

Sharing how and which emotions affect you the strongest helps you further your own acting technique.

Community Matters.
If you join as a Contributing writer you can post with full credit to yourself and with your opinions fully expressed.

When you express your own emotions you tap into what is deeper beneath the feelings. Feelings are the inclinations, when feelings are developed they express as emotions.

IF you need a topic to write.
Simply ask Simon. Simon will suggest a topic for you to write on to be a contributing writer.


Show your passion by writing for today!

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