Articles about Acting


Articles about Acting improves your abilities to find your own talent

Articles about Acting

Articles about Acting improves your abilities to find your own talent. Reading Articles about acting will help you form your own opinions and acting techniques. Develop yourself as an Actor by reading!

Learn how to add Emotions to your Acting!

Some Key Quotes of this Acting Article:
Articles about Acting can help you learn and adjust your own acting techniques.
It is VITAL to start your own Activations Journal!

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BEING before DOING in Acting!


Purpose of Reading Articles about Acting

The purpose of reading articles about acting is to develop your own technique.

You want to learn different perspectives about acting so you can form your own opinions. Forming your own opinions will directly help your pursuit in acting.

Learning to accept that others have differencing points of view creates growth within you as an Actor.

There are times where studying a contrasting point of view can further you as an Artist in acting.

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How to Learn Acting Techniques

Learning from trial-and-error is part of discovering Acting.

Acting Techniques are varied and depend upon the individual. You want to not do someone else’s acting when you act, but your own. Your own unique self can show up nearly every time you do acting when you develop your own acting techniques.

Articles about Acting can help you learn and adjust your own acting techniques.

Trying out variety of techniques that can help you put emotions into your acting is key.

Articles about Acting improves your abilities to find your own talent. Check out the copious writings on Emotional Activations and Emotional Preparations.

How to Learn Acting

You learn how to act starting with finding your own genuine responses. Self-discovery work of your own emotions are the goal of using Activation Journals.

Learning to act takes the ability to try the techniques to find your emotion. Once you find your Emotion you learn to put that emotion into Interaction.

Acting is Interaction. Juggling Self Activated emotion into your acting circumstances is how to learn to act.

When you achieve the ability to identify what has meaning to you, both real and imaginary, doors open up for you in acting.

Acting Exercises, you can Do Alone

There are several acting exercises that you can do alone.

Letter writing exercises include: writing Eulogies, writing apology letters, and writing letters of meaning (love letters included).

When you work on acting exercises alone you want to use Emotional Preparation Techniques. Work alone to determine the desired emotional range for your acting. Then, remember to Activate your Emotion.

When you activate your emotion, parts of deep feelings that change to emotions will start to want to express themselves.

When you achieve an Activated emotion start immediately on your writing exercise.

Your writing exercise could be a real-life sparked emotion or an imaginary daydream that sparks that emotion. The important part is that you make it across the finish line to put the activated emotion into the imaginary acting exercise.

Starting your own Activations Journal

It is VITAL to start your own Activations Journal!

An Activations Journal is your personal guide map to what activates you emotionally.

Start your own Activations Journal to find your emotions for your acting. Work with what you can remember readily from real-life. Then add to each emotion an imaginary situation that if it were true would activate a specific emotion. These ingredients you can use later and even now in your acting journey.

Articles about Acting on this website can really improve your acting abilities.

Also, use the Emotions List with your Activation Journal to find the emotions that you most readily identify with. As you take months to work on the list weekly, expand the emotions that you are capable of working with in your acting.

Seasoned Professional Actors can still use the Emotions list and Activation Journals for years throughout their careers as Actors.

The Actors Triangle

The Actors Triangle is an important thing to know.

The top of the Triangle is Logic
Great Ideas,
Deep Feelings
then Emotions.

An Actor that is patient in their Emotional Preparations will not only find Feelings, but Deep Feelings and Emotions.

Learning in Articles about Acting about how Emotions are Deeper than Feelings can really further you as an Actor.

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