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Anger is an Emotional Preparation that helps Actors FIND their Talent! Being able to access anger in acting is an essential skill for an Actor. Finding your talent of Anger will help you gain roles in acting. Putting Anger into interaction means receiving the other Actor even when angry. Anger is not an excuse in acting to force your emotion onto the other Actor. Instead interacting with an activated Anger can help the scene be phenomenal for BOTH Actors. Learn to access your anger in a way that helps you achieve interaction.

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The Great Experience of Interactive Anger Awaits

Okay hi welcome i’m simon let’s get to work let’s get into it so the thing is is we’re dealing with this topic today as it’s anger right so we’re this is part one of anger and and the anger we’re looking at now we’re we’re actors right we’re creators we want to be able to use the emotion of anger now and Anger Emotional Preparation Technique

Any any any any way that that’s gonna happen successfully has to happen with interaction that is the absolute just the absolute nuts and bolts of the entire thing any emotion needs to have interaction okay so we understand that right we understand that we’re not talking about going and self activating an emotion and then basically uh bulldozing everybody else with their emotion and


Saying that that’s acting now a lot of people sometimes there’s parts that that does fit but it’s very very specific scenario normally you want to be able to self-activate an emotion and then you want to be able to interact with it and that will actually expand your humanity you’ll you’ll find deeper and deeper regret and pain and sorrow and anger when you’re able to work with freedom in your acting okay so that’s all absolutely the

Full absolute truth now first let’s go to my notes because i want to make make sure that we’re staying on track so we’ve got get rid of stereotypes now the first thing to do the absolute first thing it doesn’t matter who you are and i’ve seen a lot of famous people work and i’ve seen a lot of people been cast before they even have to audition so believe me i know what i’m talking about

Anger Emotional Preparation Towards Acting

This whole thing you want to get rid of every single stereotype of what anger is now that might mean that you study angers stereotypes and we’re going to go do do that in part two and so we’ve got a clear understanding of what the stereotypes actually are you get every single preconceived understanding of what anger is understood and out of the way out of your way of acting so you’ve got it clear. Clearly activated Anger Emotional Preparation Technique.

Okay so we’re gonna get rid of the stereotypes there’s a reason then the second thing is this means that you get rid of typical you get rid of the typical you’re not going to be playing a part you’re not going to be playing an emotion you’re not going to be playing an idea because you’re going to get rid of the stereotypes now you you’re going to be willing to this is key you’re going to

Work with anger with your own anger in acting as a creator right first of all you’re going to be doing it safely you’re not going to be harming anybody working with an emotion you’re going to be working with yourself so that you’ve got this ability to be able to create art artistic elements with it right so there’s going to be humanity there’s going to be empathy within this this this craft of acting right

So the next point here is that you want to determine you want to determine which are your unique features when you yourself express anger maybe you get passive aggressive maybe you feel tired maybe um your um feelings of anger um comes out in uh different ways right so here’s a good question

Have you ever been angry and you just start crying that’s a good question to ask yourself some people have it’s definitely a human emotion so what about regret do you feel regret most commonly when you’re angry it does your anger is the thing that triggers your anger is the regret or is it hurt or is it pain or is it just simply an aggressive outburst and you don’t know where the anger comes from

See are you are able are you able to actually isolate the anger within yourself activate it and then receive another person regardless of yourself that your anger now let me tell you a very quick story a good friend of mine a long time ago monasteries all this other stuff exercises that the monks used to do that helps actors understand an Anger Emotional Preparation

Very true story is that they would hit the snake on the head anger anger anger anger and then they would put the snake up to the person’s face now the one thing you need to know about this story is it’s a defanged snake so if it strikes a person it’s just gonna it’s it’s not gonna put poison into them because it’s been unpoisoned the snake has but this is er exercise in uh this is done absolutely

As an exercise to be able to to deal with this whole thing called anger see if if you’re anger you’re angry yourself and you’re gonna be in a situation where you’re not receiving the other person what’s so interesting about this whole exercise is that with this snake scenario is that the snakes does don’t a lot of times they don’t do anything even though they’re very angry and

That’s very interesting so look although that’s a side topic this is very important story because look okay let’s go to the next point timing now are you in a situation where um where does your anger come from does it come with tears regret we got that one timing now is the other are you allowing the other

Person to dictate your timing of your emotional release right so we’re in this situation where you’ve got this like construct happening when you’re using your emotional journals your emotional acting journals then you’re in a situation where um you’re gonna be hopefully starting to catalog some of these highlights which

Will include i don’t know maybe somebody cut you off at the store going to some i don’t know super game or whatever it’s called you want to be able to go and write that down there’s something about that or you find some kind of aggression or there’s some sort of thing and anger is part of it so you write that down because that’s an emotional highlight that is an emotional element that is something that is an emotional range of Anger Emotional Preparation.

That is that is exposing of yourself this is key see you’re emotionally able to activate your emotion you know that you’ve activated your emotion not because your blood’s boiling and you just want to like have an emotional outburst you know that you’ve activated your emotion because you’re feeling a vulnerability that maybe you don’t want

To expose emotionally and that would be how you’re able to then start to be able to get way way way past the stereotypes now it’s an unanticipated moment to unanticipated moment which i just call it’s the real time acting scenario you’ve got to have real time acting scenario actually happen in your acting work

So when you’re when you’re dealing with this construct this is the part one we’re gonna get in deeper and and i’m gonna figure out how to do all this that yeah it’s terrifying to do all this it’s very exposing to be able to isolate all this stuff and help you to be able to do but it’s worth it because it’s going to help build out your creativity regardless of what platform you’re working with film theater uh Anger Emotional Preparation.

I don’t know writing some music or poetry it doesn’t make any difference you’re going to be able to access your emotion and put it into art and that’s that’s what this is about so uh keep joining me for these um share this if you want to and absolutely uh thanks a lot well let’s go to the part two and and we’ll get more into it thank you. Anger Emotional Preparation Technique will help you develop your acting techniques as an Actor.

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