Actors Activations Journal


Actors Activations Journal is for musicians, artists, and Actors!

Actors Activations Journal

Actors Activations Journal is for musicians, artists, actors and creators! Learning to create with active emotions is key in creating. Actors must learn to Activate their Emotions, making them active for their Acting Interaction. Interacting with activated emotion is the definition of talent!

Activate your Emotion and then Interact!

Some Key Quotes of this Acting Journal Explanation:
Giving Feelings freedom to come and go will really assist you in finding accurate emotions for acting.
“Write Down 2-4 Real-Life Experiences you recall where you felt that emotion.”
“Acting is the Doing of Interaction!”

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Actors Activations Journal is the Emotions Journal for Artists, Musicians, and Actors.

Learning the skills to find your own emotions is an absolutely necessity in art. This Journal enables you to find your own, and current emotional life to use in your art form.

QUICK: There is an Interactive PDF of 110 Classes worth of Activities (over 1100!).

Actors Activation Journal Instructions:

Work with the Journal and one of Simon’s Emotions lists on this website.
There is a $5 version in the store, which helps Simon pay the bills.

Use the Emotions Listed to identify between 5-20 Emotions that you have an interest in. Find Emotions that you may have slight inclinations (feelings) towards or that in some way resonate with you.

Write Down the Emotion
Write Down 2-4 Real-Life Experiences you recall where you felt that emotion.
Write Down 2-4 Real-Life Experiences you have witnessed others experiencing that specific Emotion.
Write Down 1-3 Imaginary Conditions that if you were in, you would feel that exact emotion.


At first use bullet point forms.

Then after you structured the experiences with bullet points, write more in full sentences if it helps you deepen the feelings into emotions. Expand that emotional range by working that exact emotion.

Johnny Osh, looks down the emotions list. The emotion of Regret stands out and he feels a shock spark of reaction. Johnny circles that emotion. As John goes down that list, Despair, Shame, Giddiness, and Elation all stand out to him for some yet to be explored reasons.
Johnny Osh/ Fictional Character in Simon’s acting book.

John writes down the first Emotion “Regret”, in his own handwriting.

2-4 Real-Life Experiences that Johnny Osh remembers:
Bullet Point:
– divorce papers flash across John’s mind as he remembers a flash of regret with Maxine
– Johns gut wrenches as he recalls the opportunity that he said no to when offered Crypto Currency in 2008. Right after Leamans crashed the new system was started and he knew about bitcoin at bellow ten cents!
– the identity paperwork swapping that he did in that one country to back deal land in Scotland would bring out Regret.

2-4 Real-Life Experiences that Johnny Osh saw in others:
– his brother went to jail for frauding the nutrient company from their ingredients.
– his brother was also caught with claiming property that he did not own by cooperating church contacts.

1-3 Imaginary Conditions
– If Johnny lost his house to a bad bet, he could imagine that he would feel regret.
– If Johnny was caught for his involvements in real estate back deals, he would feel regret, even his priest couldn’t get him out of that trouble.

See how personal your Actors Activations Journal can get! It is a fantastic tool to work with to explore who you really are and also evaluate who you really are!

How the Activations Journals Work

The Activations Journals work to identify things that are active within you. You want to find current items and be able to build up the recollections of past experiences.

You work the Activations Journal as a record keeping tool for your own creative uses.

When you work with the Actors Activations Journal you can go down the list prior to scene work. Using the activations journal to do Emotional Preparations can help you accurately pull up the actual emotion.

Why Many Forget to Activate their Emotions

Many Actors are caught up with remembering their lines and other acting duties that they forget to activate those emotions. Having active emotions to interact with in acting is the most key thing in acting.

Remind yourself to activate your accurate emotions for your scenes.

The Difference between Emotions and Feelings

Feelings are inclinations and indicators. When you experience Feelings you may feel the feeling flirt away leaving you suddenly or spend time with you becoming a deep feeling.

Deep feelings will become emotions when they want to stay with you.

Giving Feelings freedom to come and go will really assist you in finding accurate emotions for acting.

Actors Activations Journal will help determine the difference between Emotions and Feelings, and how to put them into acting Interaction. Acting is the Doing of Interaction!


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