Actor Preparation using Emotion


Actor Preparation

Actor Preparation Using Emotion

Actor Preparation keys unlock the potential to real time experiences in scenes. There are many schools of thought for Actor Preparation. Let’s go over the basics of how to be prepared as an Actor.

The goals of improvisation and scene work is that every time you do an exercise that you are able to have a real-time journey within that imaginary condition.

Some Main Quotes in this Acting Article:
Even when using Emotional Preparation it is key to understand scene context.
“Actor Preparation enhances possibilities during acting in a scene.”
One of the ways that Robin Williams use to memorize is by rhyming the lines with another phrase.

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BEING Before DOING in acting is key!

Unlock your own talent and release yourself to experience that emotional ride and rollercoaster.

Understanding the Context
More important than words are context. Understanding context means understanding both the obvious and undercurrent of the meaning to each scene. Every single scene if the writing is decent will have its own purpose or meaning.

Even when using Emotional Preparation it is key to understand scene context.

Scene context is knowing the reason why the scene occurs in your project.

When you take the time to understand the context of a scene you free yourself up to participate in the scene. Actor Preparation is understanding the potential aspects of what could happen. Considering why the scene is written to happen the way it is.

Meaning in acting needs to realize itself in real time, not planned to sync to be real. You cannot act meaning with only performance pontification. Experiencing of meaning is the place you should desire to achieve. This means that you are relaxed enough for the emotional effect to happen in real time with you inside of living the experience of the scene.

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Actor Preparation is an important piece to achieve context. Most scenes have at least two potential meanings. Knowing that if the action of the scene goes one direction is means one thing vs another improves your acting.

If you don’t think about the alternatives to scenes, you likely are not prospecting the moments in your scenes well. Stop and give thought to the variations that could occur and study because they didn’t. Then you gain the importance of what you realize rather than take it for granted.

When you use Actor Preparation you able yourself to potential responses during your scenes. Your more palatable to the moments that occur because your adjustment of openness. Your intentions during your Actor Preparation give you back dividends sometimes within the smallest moments.

If you glaze over your acting scenes just learning the intended moments, you will appear performed. The reality of your life on screen will not contain the context of possibilities.

The point of Actor Preparation is not too perfect but to imperfect you’re acting. The relaxed aspects only occur if you give in to your instincts rather than the planning. Understanding that Actor Preparation is not the planning of the scenes function is key.

Goals of Acting

The goal of acting is the resulted reality. This means that you will give yourself the opportunities to offset what might happen to experience what does happen.

You prepare so you can be more available to what occurs not so you can execute what you have prepared. This difference achieves the ability to underscore a reality taking place rather than a performance being made.

Actor Preparation loosens your demeanor to be able to absorb the other Actors. You want to be engaged with the experience without presenting your experience to others.

Emotional Preparation

Emotional Preparation is the emotional self-stimulation process. Often your Emotional Preparation will continue to reactivate within in you as you do your scene.

If you have Emotional Prepared on the death of your daughter, the meaning of that Preparation will come back to you in its own timing throughout the scene. This is different than trying to present the emotion, but rather, understand the emotion already speaks from within you. If you have really hit that nerve in yourself before the scene than that feeling may return to you based off the other Actors behavior.

The topic of Emotional Preparation and Actor Preparation are a lengthy topics. There are all sorts of ways that you can successfully emotionally fill yourself up for the beginning of a scene. If you turn over your attention to your partner often they will activate new layers of the emotion that you have already stimulated.

Memorization of Lines

Carefully first understanding the context start to memorize the words. If you out load memorize than you will start to get into a pattern that you may not be able to change within your scenes. Instead of reading all your lines outload find other ways to learn the context.

One of the ways that Robin Williams use to memorize is by rhyming the lines with another phrase. He found this to be helpful as an association process during Morke and Mindy. Once he got a rhyme to his lines something would just click in his head and he would remember even the entire phrase or passage for the production.

Actor Preparation is more intention and understanding your intention than executing your behavior. Many famous and non-famous Actors are really bad at Acting. Due to the many reasons for the industry to function expecting terrible Actors with no craft in the future is reasonable.

The truth about knowing what you are doing and understanding its meaning to intertwine those functions into the context of the scene is key. Comprehension should be your baseline as an Actor in Actor Preparation. There will often be surprises that occur within the scene that moving with those occurrences will make you look good as an Actor.

Actor Preparation enhances possibilities during acting in a scene.

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