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Activations Journal is a vital part of growth to the Actor. Find your own Emotional Activations for your work. Finding your emotions will find your Talent! The key in Emotional Preparation is Emotional Activation. The Activations Journal will help you find your current active emotions for your acting.

Activate your real Emotions, Activate YOUR Talent!

Some Key Quote of this Acting Article:
“Simon Teaches that Acting is BEing, then DOing.”
“Whether you have done acting roles or not, you still can learn the techniques to work like a pro.”

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Every Actor needs to have their own Activations Journal. Learning to be able to not only have determination of an emotional range for a scene, but an Activated Emotional Range is KEY!

Learning how to achieve your own emotion is the bread of butter of your acting career. Whether you have done acting roles or not, you still can learn the techniques to work like a pro.

How to Do the Activations for your acting work requires you to find your own emotions.

Use Simon’s Emotions List to work from.
Great article: How to Use Simon’s Emotions List

“Activating Emotions are Essential for Actors. Doing requires interaction of Activated Emotion!”
Simon Blake

Activations Journal Instructions:

  • Go Down the Emotions list, find 5-20 emotions that resonate with you
  • For Each Emotion, write down 2-4 Real-Life Experiences where that specific emotion was active in you
  • Isolate moments where you can still feel sparks of that emotion.
  • For Each Emotion, write down 2-4 Real-Life Experiences where you witnessed someone else feeling that specific emotional range or specific emotion.
  • For Each Emotion, write down 1-3 Imaginary Daydreams that, if REAL, you would be in that emotion!

Now gather your thoughts, internally allow yourself to realize your work, and start building out your Emotional Preparations! (using Active Emotions).


Emotional Processes:

Emotional Meditation Technique

Emotional Meditation is the technique to meditate a specific emotion.

Meditation works for both Manifestations for Good and Not-so-Good Emotions. If you meditate and invite in despair you can find an incredible emotional range using Emotional Meditation Technique to expand and deepen that emotion within you.

Why would you want to expand the Depth of Despair, Guilt, Shame or Regret??

You want to be able to deepen your emotional range for your acting work.


Emotional Preparation Techniques

Emotional Preparation Techniques determine the emotional range needed to match to the acting scene work.

The overall process of matching emotion accurately for a scene is Emotional Preparation. The most important step in Emotional Preparation can be either Depth or Emotional activation. Many actors however forget to emotionally activate their emotion.

Finding a range of emotion without it being active in your acting work is like working weightlifting without the weight.

The actor has to find out how to gain their emotional weight.

Emotional Activation

Emotional Activation is a huge part of the Activations Journal Technique.

Activation sometimes is brimming yourself up till something activates within you and the emotional range wants to become interactive.

You will determine ways on how to activate your emotion by practicing this “BEING” part of acting. Doing the Being part of Acting will help you put your talent into your acting scene work.

Improving your own Acting Requires finding your own Emotions

Taking the Activations for your acting seriously makes an enormous difference to your acting.

For Use Every-time Emotions Activate significantly, which can be used for art, music or acting.

Copyright 2022, Simon Blake

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Simon Blake has studied over 30,000 – 40,000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Acting training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

Acting Emotional Preparation techniques are used by Musicians, Artists, Actors and Creators!

Simon Blake runs and operates the website which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting using improved acting techniques.


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Simon Teaches that Acting is BEing, then DOing. Actors that only do the doing miss the Being side of acting, which is the emotional side of acting! The Activations Journal is key for Actors to find their own depth.

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