Acting Support Site Links

Acting Support Site Links

Acting Supports Site Links show all sorts of connections. Acting also involves connections. Talent is emotion put into Interaction. When you do good acting you will realize fresh emotion in your acting. Consider joining the community, getting the acting lists and sharing your acting experiences.

Acting Support Links

Acting Support Site LINKS:

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This is what this does: It helps to baseline the needed support that enables better and better information that Simon is building on “Emotions in Acting“.

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Acting Support Site Links
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The Acting Support Site Links help to provide operation expenses to the site and my studies of acting.

Supporting this site at no cost to you by opening up a brokerage account or using the links provided is a subtle way to help finance the content of this site.

The Store offers multiple products including Lists that Actors need for their training.
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Learning by Doing is an intricate thing that many don’t learn enough from when learning acting. The reality of including Emotional Preparation as the BEING part of Acting before the DOING and the Interaction is key!

Emotional Preparation is the sought after approach to emotionally stimulate yourself before doing your acting work.

Initially Emotional Preparation was called “Inner Life” in NYC years before the term Emotional Preparation was popularized.

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Simon Blake has studied OVER 30 000 – 40 000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Meisner training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

“Meisner In and Out Exercise, which was later known as Doors and Activities give a basic building blocks to modern day acting”

Simon Blake runs and operates the website which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting using improved acting techniques.

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