Acting Relationships Ideas List

Acting Relationships Ideas List

Acting Relationships Ideas List will spark your own creativity to create your own Incredible Relationships. Remember if you go off only the impulse of the relationship alone you may play the idea. If you still add Emotional Preparation you will tend to be more involved in your acting.

“The Key here is Active Relationships!”

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Let’s Get to the List – But Remember, you want a ‘Real Time’ Experience with an Active Relationship!

Relationship Ideas for Acting

Close Friends
Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Girlfriend/Girlfriend) (Boyfriend/Boyfriend)
ideas: from school
social group

House Mates
Room Mates (share exact same room)
Class Mates
types of classes: Algebra
Night Classes
English as a Second Language
Specialty Skills Course – like Archery

Parent (Both Actors are Parents)
ideas: just became parents around same time
are young parents
are new parents over 55
Grand Parents (Both Actors /or one Actor is a Grand Parent)
ideas: Became a Grandparent at age 38 (build a conflict around this circumstance)
Just found out they were already a Grandparent (and Grand daughter/son shows up at door) – never met before!

Artificial Insemination Relationship:
ideas: want rights to see artificial insemination family
want to set genealogy records straight to actual bloodline
There is a child that was never disclosed
Both Actors are A.I. (Artificial Inseminated) and meeting for first time.
Siblings Relationship
ideas: birth relatives (same parents)
adoption (someone is adopted)
Mixed Family

New Wed (Gay/Straight/all gender)

The way you Choose what Relationship Add will Affect IF your Talent Shows Up for you. Choose Selections that Motivate you, something that you actually want to live a “Real-Time” Experience of in your Acting.

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Acting Relationships Ideas List

Internet Relationships:
ideas: Hired Contractors
Web Developers
Online Hire – Freelancer

Internet Dating Match (have or haven’t met before/ or never seen more than profile picture?) – you decide
Employee Online (never met Before)
Your Webmaster (never met Before)
Your Graphic Designer (never met Before)
Your Virtual Assistant
Your Video Editor (hired temporary or worked for years)

Hard Labor Jobs
Construction Co-worker
Street Sign Electrician

Other Co-Workers
Yacht Cleaners

Spicy Acting Relationships Ideas List

In a Cheating Love Affair (are you cheating or the other or Both?)
In Secret Love Affair (love not approved by family? Other reason for secret?)
‘Besties’ – you know ‘with Benefits’
Open Relationship (what type of disputes come up in ‘open’ relationships – explore)
Committed / Monogamous Relationship (Could be a Deepening of trust Circumstance that’s positive)

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

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Acting Relationships Ideas List (Continued)

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