Acting Practice For Beginners

Acting Practice For Beginners

Acting Practice For Beginners will increase Talent. Talent is being able to both find the emotions and interact with Them. Learn the Being side of acting so you can do the doing side of acting. Being is the Emotional side of acting, Doing is the Interaction side of acting.

Practice Acting BOTH Alone and with Others!
Talent is finding Emotion in acting!

Some Key Quotes of this Acting Article:
“Being in Acting is Introspection work and Activating your own emotions is key.”
You achieve doing using freedom, freedom to release your emotion and freedom to interact with that emotion.
Doing requires the ability to receive by you in order to achieve.

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Acting Practice For Beginners will develop them as Actors. Persistence in doing both Being and Doing Acting Exercises will help you achieve results.

Being in Acting is Introspection work and Activating your own emotions is key.

Doing in Acting is interacting with others, learning to include those activated emotions.

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Why Actors work on their Emotions

Actors work with Emotion to match the Emotion to the scene.

Knowing how, and where, to find your own emotions is part of the fun of doing acting. Finding those emotions is the introspection work the Actor does. Finding current emotions, or ones that you can bring up within yourself in real-time is key.

Actors are starting to use the Activations Journal to find, record and discover their active emotions.

When you learn to activate your emotions, you spark the emotion which ends up becoming part of the scene work. The trick in incorporating emotions into scene work is to Interact.

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What is the Difference between Feelings (inclinations) and Emotions (Depth)

Feelings are incredible tools to start doing Acting Practice For Beginners.

Feelings are the inclinations, sometimes they turn into deep feelings and become emotions, other times they are fleeting and leave you immediately when trying to use them.

Many times when Actors use Emotional Preparation, they try to achieve using feelings and find as soon as they start their work, their feelings are gone. This is the huge reason why you want to learn the difference between Feelings and Emotions.

Emotions will tend to stay around and within you when you activate them. Feelings could go any direction; Emotions will want to evolve within the insides of the Actor.

Emotional Depth if too deep will also cause another challenge of getting stuck within the Actor. If your emotions give you too much emotional weight you will not be able to work with them in acting.

You want to learn to balance the ability to interact with whatever emotional weight you can handle working with in your acting.

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How to Achieve Doing in Acting

If your Emotional weight is too much for you to carry, then the interaction of your acting partner carrying that weight may also be insurmountable.

You achieve doing using freedom, freedom to release your emotion and freedom to interact with that emotion.

Doing requires the ability to receive by you in order to achieve.

Many Actors struggle with the balance of doing and the challenge of looking fake by overachieving. If you consider that doing is interaction, you will be always involved in the moments with others you work with.

Interaction requires both ebb and flow for the actor. Receiving is key in doing because by receiving you add to your emotions and mix your emotions with the others.

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Why Doing Reveals Actors Character

The action of doing reveals you as an Actor and a personality.

When you are involved in imaginary experiences in acting every action and every word is like an onion peeling the layers of yourself as an Actor. Whatever emotion you have activated within yourself will reveal itself as you do.

When you interact with others, the more you receive the other the more you will become filled by their stimulus. The action of doing interaction will reveal the meaning that is in real-time within yourself.

As the scene continues or the acting improvisation commences everything that you do and interact with will reveal what is internally awake within you. Acting Practice For Beginners acts the same way as advanced, each action will reveal who you are internally.

Beginner Acting Exercises

Beginner acting exercises are excellent acting practice for beginners.

You can start learning beginner Exercises using the Activations Journal Technique. Finding your activations will help you develop both Emotional Preparation and Emotional Activation.

Another Beginner acting exercise is the Emotional Meditation Exercise. In the Meditation exercise you can achieve developing both feel-good and not so feel-good emotions. You work to practice achieving the single emotions of regret, despair, happiness, giddiness, or sadness.

Acting Practice For Beginners can also occur doing the Improvisational Exercises of the Doors and Activities, which were originally called the Ins and Outs Exercise.

Practicing by doing Apology Writing Exercise is another great beginner exercise. You can start working with the exercise and compare it to what it is like to do six months later in your acting journey.

Acting Practice For Beginners includes doing Independent Activities, which you can do alone, or with an acting partner.
Independent Activities List

Utilize one of Simon’s Emotions Lists to build out and find your own emotion.
Talent is finding Emotion in acting!

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

Acting Practice For Beginners

About Simon Blake

Simon Blake has studied over 30,000 – 40,000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Acting training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

Acting Emotional Preparation techniques are used by Musicians, Artists, Actors and Creators!

Simon Blake runs and operates the website EmotionalPreparation.com which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting using improved acting techniques.

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Simon Teaches that Acting is BEing, then DOing. Actors that only do the doing miss the Being side of acting, which is the emotional side of acting! The Activations Journal is key for Actors to find their own depth.

Acting Practice For Beginners

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