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Join the Live Feed to ask Questions and give feedback. You Benefit from interacting about how you do your own acting technique. Join the Community and stay up to date with the activities. Live Feeds give an opportunity to interact and are connected to the community features.

Acting Live Feed Instructions are in the forum. You too can join live the Internet connection! Ask Your Question and let Simon Ask you some questions about how your acting is going? Learn to access your talent by accessing your emotion.

Join Live on the Acting Live Feed! 🙂

Contact Simon and JOIN SIMON LIVE – Live from his Acting Studio!
Send an email to emotionalpreparation
Submit: The Reason why YOU want to Join The Class! + Your Schedule Availability!

Livestream uses software that takes no computer resources and still streams. This helps full video quality. This is the reason why there is a link to a sign up free web streamer.

Simon uses 3rd party software, as many live streaming gamers do

  1. Sign up with account (so you can join Simon Backstage during the Live Feed
    Then Step Two:
  2. Email emotionalpreparation@ asking to join the feed
  3. Simon will email you the link for that Day’s live feed.
  4. Click the link and join without downloading anything
  5. KEY: USE HEADSET or EARPHONES to listen to the call so there is no feedback from any computer.


Why is this done this way?

There are MANY different ways that are underway on how to make this easiest. You can ask questions in the community tab as well.

Get live updates and sign up for the latest ways to access your talent!

Remember this is International!

This is the least troublesome way to be able to multi cast a live feed internationally.
You won’t need to download anything which is the advantage.

If the Acting Live Feed is busy there will be a waiting in the backstage area. Simon will in real time address the back log and let you know in real time what to expect. NOTE: There is a 6 second – 60 second delay on comments broadcast in real time.


Contact Simon and JOIN SIMON LIVE – In His Acting Class!
Send an email to
Submit: The Reason why YOU want to Join The Class! + Your Schedule Availability!

Why are you doing an Acting Live Feed?

It really does help people’s learning to be able to see real people asking questions and getting them answered. It also helps that you can better explain your question. You may have an example of your question so you can actually get more clarity out of yourself by asking.

You can do real time Emotional Preparation Acting Coaching which will help you be able to access your emotions in acting.

NOTE: Don’t be afraid to ask really tough acting questions. Simon Blake has studied with over 35 Acting Teachers including himself and has studied OVER 30000 – 40000 acting exercises. If Simon does not have an immediate answer to your Question he will nearly always have a partial answer that will still help you. Then he will do some thinking to remember some things that he knows and do a full answer video answer.

1. Usually the answers will be immediate. 2. The Answers will be custom to you. 3. The Acting Video Live feed will really help in getting questions answered.

Join Simon Blake to do real time Emotional Preparation or AMA (ask me anything)

Dyslexia Actor Help Reading

If you are a Dyslexic Actor, or know any, check out or send over these Links to Dyslexia Fonts

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“Meisner In and Out Exercise, which was later known as Doors and Activities give a basic building blocks to modern day acting”

Simon Blake runs and operates the website which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting using improved acting techniques.

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