Acting is Art


Acting is Art and an Artform

Acting is Art

Acting is Art and an Artform. Build your talent by expanding your Emotions. Mastering Emotions is the art of Acting. Learn acting techniques that will expand your emotional range and expand your talent!

Using Emotions to turn acting into an Artform!

Some Key Quotes of this Acting Article:
Art provides the safety of imaginary conditions.
Scripts are often emotionally activated events in life.
There is a craft in acting that can consistently activate emotional involvement in scene work.
the art medium itself becomes a blank canvas to create on.

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BEING before DOING in Acting!


Knowing acting is art for yourself empowers you as an Actor. Learning how to expand your emotions is key in expanding your talents.

Art is Not Life

Art provides the safety of imaginary conditions.

The break of life to be able to do art is a fantastic medium for expression.

You want to be able to achieve the abilities to explore within artistic worlds. Knowing that Art gives freedom to the artist, the art medium itself becomes a blank canvas to create on.

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Acting takes Life Further into Activation (its better than life)

Acting creates more active circumstances than life. Of course, generally acting is more exciting than a boring life.

The reason why Acting takes life further is because writers collect meaningful moments within scripts.

We highlight life’s special happenings in acting. Scripts are often emotionally activated events in life.

Acting is Art for an experienced Actor whom activates their emotions for their scenes. The Actor heightens their being to the level requested of the playwright.

Real Art Creates new Real-Time Experiences

Doing Real work in acting requires working with depth of emotion.

The goal of Acting is Art in real-time. You spark yourself to be an open vessel, then interact in a real-time experience.

When you create real-time events in acting you will often succeed in discovering things about yourself in your acting. Incorporating Emotional Preparation into your acting work is an incredible acting technique.

Every time entering the Imaginary conditions you dive into a slightly new emotional experience.

Acting Releases Interaction

Acting is Art and Releasing.

Emotional Preparation helps the Actor to build up internal emotion. The Release of emotion for the Actor is most natural during acting interaction.

Instead of performing out a planned reaction, interaction is the key in acting.

When you trust that your Emotional Preparation has activated internal emotion you can focus your attention on something other than yourself. The mere action of interaction will bring to the surface your Emotional Preparation.

Loosing yourself in interaction in acting and trusting that the emotions within you will rise to the surface is key.

Emotion is what makes Acting Artistic

Acting is Art because of Emotion. Emotion is deeper than feelings.

Feelings are often important but not reliable to Emotionally Prepare upon.

When doing chest-to-chest work in acting the emotion-to-emotion is activation. Emotion-to-emotion is often connected to critiques in acting when audiences notice the Actors running the emotional gambit.

The emotional gambit can be a wide range of active emotions within a scene.

Once an Actor trusts to work within their emotional ranges incredible possibilities unfold.

Acting is more than Actions and Words

Acting is Art because acting is more than actions and words.

When you add emotion or have emotion happen to you within a scene something changes, and you become more activated within your scene.

There is a craft in acting that can consistently activate emotional involvement in scene work.

Relaxation of an Actor helps for actions to be more than actions and words to be more than words.

When you relax and allow yourself to find emotional responses you become very interesting for audiences to watch and listen to.

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