Acting Exercises To Do Alone

Acting Exercises To Do Alone

Acting Exercises To Do Alone build your talent and success. You can learn and teach yourself with simple instructions how to do acting. Learn to Activate your own Emotions for scene work and acting classes.

Learn Acting by practicing Activating your Emotions!

Some Key Quotes from this Acting Article:
Then, write the Apology after doing Emotional Preparation.
Actors practice their believing imaginary death’s.
Creating Imaginary People, like an X-wife, when you don’t have an X-wife can be a lot of fun!

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake
BEING than DOING in Acting!

Learning Acting Exercises To Do Alone will help you tremendously. There are exercises that you can do that can practice the craft of Activating your own Emotions.

Apology Letter

Using one of the Emotions Lists on this website you can find material that you can genuinely want to write an apology letter.

Go down the list of emotions. Brainstorm an emotion or item that you would want to write an apology letter for.

Try these two things studying the Emotions List:
Real-Life recollections – of past memories
Imaginary Conditions – that you could really believe and bring out the depth of that Emotion in you.

Then, write the Apology after doing Emotional Preparation.

QUICK: There is an Interactive PDF of 110 Classes worth of Activities (over 1100!).

Colored Tinted Reading Glasses

YellowGreen – Read Longer Using color tints – BlueRed

Alone Exercise

The Alone Exercise is an Emotional Preparation Exercise.

You can do the Alone Exercises in class and then compare class work to the doing a similar Alone Exercise in your private space, apartment or house.

By comparing your sense of concentration during the exercise you can develop your own acting techniques.

Learning to do the Alone Exercise Activates the Emotion and then arrive back to a private space where you are ‘Home Alone’.

In the Alone Exercise you have a prepared Independent Activity, that you can do ONLY if you feel the urge of motivation to get done.

You may be coming home from:
Having a Big Break Up with a Partner
Being Fired from a Job
You, yourself, calling off a marriage Engagement
Arriving Home after a Hot Date (without the Date)
Arrived Home After Getting the Audition of your Dreams!

Home Alone are Acting Exercises To Do Alone, and have something to do (an Activity) if you are motivated to do so.

Eulogy Letter

A Eulogy Letter Exercise is an Independent Activity.

Actors practice their believing imaginary death’s.

The Eulogy Letter are Acting Exercises To Do Alone. This exercise is only for Actor’s who want to work with it. Some Actor’s may find this exercise too stressful.

Eulogy Letter Exercises can lead to a tremendous Emotional Release.

Imagining that your loved ones are dead, when they are still living takes a lot of guts to do as an Actor. Believing things that literally pinch out pain is a challenge as an Actor. Acting requires opening yourself up to all types of emotions.

Be careful and choose when you want to start working this acting technique. Eulogy Letters can be fantastic work as Independent Activities for acting classrooms as well as personal acting development.

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Acting Activities Worksheets

Independent Activities, Love Letters

The Independent Activity of Writing a Love Letter.

Try this:
Write a Love Letter to a Past Lover
Write a Love Letter to a past Relationship.

You can achieve a lot, writing Love Letters after Activating Emotion.

The TEST for the Actor is to successfully do Emotional Preparation, including Emotional Activation. Feel the romance and activate the romance within yourself. Then write the letter with the intent to your Lover.

These Acting Exercises To Do Alone involving Love Letters are not for everyone.

Many Actors can really grow through working this Independent Activity.

Emotional Meditation Technique Exercise

Emotional Meditation Technique Exercise is the buildup and release of Emotion.

Feeling are real impulses but aren’t as deep as Emotion. Emotions once activated will tend to stay close to you regardless of your interactions.

The point of Emotional Meditation Exercise is to be able to fill yourself with the Depth of the Desired Emotion. Use the Emotions List to brainstorm an emotion that is current in you at this present time.

When you feel an Emotional component Activate you relax into the impulse to fill yourself with the emotion. This is a very different thing than acting out upon the impulse. There is a great conversation on the differences between Emotional Meditation Technique Exercise vs Emotional Preparation.

Follow the instructions and learn to do these Acting Exercises To Do Alone. 🙂

Many Actors tend to forget Activation in Emotional Preparation and get it confused with Meditation.

Activations Journal

Instructions on how to build your own Activations Journal will improve your acting.

An Activations Journal helps you find the current emotional Activations that are meanings to you.

Working with current and active meanings for your acting is key. Work with the emotions list to find the current emotions that you can readily Activate for your Emotional Preparations.

Practicing Emotional Activations are Acting Exercises To Do Alone. Introspection is key in acting.

Daydreaming Exercises

Learning to do Daydreaming Exercises for an Actor is a tremendous opportunity.

You can spend days doing productive Daydreaming Exercises on particilar scene work scripts or improvisational circumstances.

Daydreaming Exercises are acting Exercises to do alone.

KEY: Match the Daydreaming to the acting material.

Use the acting technique to Daydreaming to expand time within an Imaginary Circumstance. Some Actors choose to live on the sets they do films on for a few days. So, Daydreaming experiences within the scripts and that relate to your scene work material is a vital part of Actor Preparation.

Daydreaming is a normal Actor Preparation for serious Actors.

Creating Imaginary People

Creating Imaginary People, like an X-wife, when you don’t have an X-wife can be a lot of fun!

When you are given a script that you have never seen at an audition, you are expected to have instant chemistry with Imaginary People within that acting scene material.

If you work on and create Vivid Daydreams that create Imaginary People, you can instantly draw upon Emotional Preparations that enhance your acting.

Mix the acting techniques of Emotional Preparation with Creating Imaginary People for your Acting.

Types of Imaginary Relationships to Create:
Mean Boss
Mean Stepmother
Romantic Lover in healthy Relationship

Brainstorm the types of people you need to access in your acting.

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

Acting Exercises To Do Alone build your talent and success.

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Simon Blake teaches that Acting is BEing , then DOing. As Emotions need to be activated first and then the being side of acting put into the Doing side of Interaction with Activated Emotions.

Acting Exercises To Do Alone

Copyright 2022, Simon Blake

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