About Simon Blake

About Simon Blake

About Simon

Simon Blake is an avid student and teacher of Emotional Preparation. “Copious Writer”, “Rabble Rouser”, “Simon Says”, “Just Ask Simon” all best describes Simon Blake. The contact between one actor and another actor is best when it is emotionally connected. Develop your own acting technique instead of following another’s.

Actors need to train themselves to learn their own acting technique. Crafting a journey to find your own acting technique is the key.


About Simon Blake

Simon Blake has studied OVER 30 000 – 40 000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10 thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Meisner training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

Simon Blake runs and operates the website EmotionalPreparation.com which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting using improved acting techniques.

– with the Acting Lists!

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Over 900 Meisner Independent Activities
900 + Emotions for Acting List
75 Reasons to come to the door


How to Contact Simon Blake

Find Simon on YouTube or join him on Live Stream on YouTube.

If you have questions to ask or want to practice doing Emotional Preparation

Simon will slot you in for a fifteen minute Q&A on the livestream.
You can go over your question and work to access your emotion for acting.


PLEASE DO NOTE: Simon is SINGLE. He is not in a Relationship with his house flat mate or anyone else. IF this changes it will be made PUBLIC>. Thanks.


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