5 Rumors to Believe About your Acting Classmates


5 Rumors to Believe About your Acting Classmates or Castmates

5 Rumors to Believe About your Acting Classmates or Castmates are awesome. It takes creative license to be able to believe in acting. Brainstorming Emotional Activating ingredients is a smart idea for Actors.

Imaginary Rumors can help your acting!

Some Main Quotes in this Acting Article:
“Giving Creative License to your Imagination is smart acting!”
“Brainstorming IMAGINARY Rumors for your other Cast Members can help your own reality.”

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BEING Before DOING is Key in acting!

Believing RUMORS about your CLASSMATEs or Castmates is advice that Simon Blake Recommends doing FOR your acting! Nothing could be more important than giving yourself license to do what it takes to get your emotions ready for your acting work.

Why Believe in Rumors

Why Believe Imaginary Rumors about my Cast Members? You want to help yourself find the emotions and help at the same time your own Cast Members to experience more within their Acting Circumstances.

We do not believe rumors in acting to be cruel, we believe rumors to expand our talent.

We want to achieve reality in our work and expand the talent that we express. Believing an Imaginary Rumor can be just the ticket to help unleash our creativity.

This belief can help build up Imaginary Relationship facts that can contribute to Emotional Preparations.

QUICK: There is an Interactive PDF of 110 Classes worth of Activities (over 1100!).

What Types of Rumors are Helpful for Acting?

Any Rumors that are helpful to you will be helpful to your acting partners work as well. If you find rumors about another to find your emotional life, then what helps you helps them.

The types of Rumors can be wide in variety and structure. It could be that you imagine that they are adopted to explain a certain trait that you noticed about them. It could be that you imagine a rumor that they were previously Divorced.

The Goal of working with Rumors is to find the ability to gain Emotional Activation.

Emotional Activation is for the purpose of acting Interaction.

Believing Rumors can Expand your Imagination!

There is nothing wrong with expanding your imagination using The Rumors Exercises.

Believing and considering the traits of others is part of the creative process. The freer you are with the ability to explore who you are, the more you will find.

How to Brainstorm Imaginary Rumors

Brainstorming IMAGINARY Rumors for your other Cast Members can help your own reality and theirs in your acting. Finding the ability to give yourself creative license is key in learning how to achieve Inner Life of Emotions in Acting.

When we are doing Acting, we must train ourselves to be able to experience the Imaginary. We need to train ourselves to have realism within the imaginary conditions. This is a vital thing to being able to be Artistic in Acting.


There is a RUMORS EXERCISE VIDEO that Simon recommends and has created that can be a great thing for almost all Casts or Classes.

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