3 Moment Game Acting Exercise

3 Moment Game Acting Exercise

3 Moment Game Acting Exercise is a fantastic observations game in acting classes. Provoking Emotional Responses as naturally as possible creates practicing reacting and participation.

Increase your awareness and Spontaneity in acting.

Some Key Quotes of this Acting Article:
Practice BOTH Receiving and Expressing!
Have fun finding things that Emotionally Activate you!

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The cool thing about the 3 Moment Game is that there are several ways to achieve it.

Typical Steps to the 3 Moment Game Exercise

  • Ask a provocative question or personal statement
  • Respond to the Question or comment by repeating it
  • Explain and accurately state what the reaction was

3 Moment Game Acting Exercise can expand your observation skills.

Observations can be both provocative, Imaginary or even Deeper moments of Emotions behind appearances. It is a keen exercise to achieve the ability to practice.

What Do you Practice Doing the Three Moment Game

Practice BOTH Receiving and Expressing!

Do Express your impulses.
Do Express your creativity.

But Also, Practice Receiving your responses.

Really allow yourself to take in the surprise of what the other person offers. Practicing receiving is an incredible thing to achieve in acting.

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Doing 3 Moment Game with Rumors Exercise

Rumors are key brainstorming techniques that actors use. Finding the ability to find rumors and work with them is an incredible tool.

It takes the ability to both receive rumors, really considering them to achieve their full potential.

You can find parts for yourself in acting using both the 3 Moment Game with the Rumors Exercise.

The point you want to achieve is the ability to brainstorm for both other and yourself Believable Rumors.

3 Moment Game Acting Exercise

Can you do 3 Moment Game Exercise in Groups

Of Course. This is a great trust building exercise to do with groups.

It is a fantastic idea to have everyone cooperating and listening to one another. You can either take turns going around in a circle or do improvise based off observation.

Have fun finding things that Emotionally Activate you!

Copyright 2021, Simon Blake

3 Moment Game Acting Exercise

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