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110 Acting Classes Challenge by Simon Blake Emotional Preparation dot com

110 Acting Classes Challenge

You can complete 110 Acting Classes Challenge! Commit with motivation to doing 110 Classes to develop your acting technique. Learn Emotional Preparation and start to add up your classes. You can handle the challenge of doing 110 Classes and achieve activating your own talent. Learn to activate your own emotions into Interaction! Interactive Doing is the ONLY type of doing that combines meaning into your acting. Stay motivated and Join the Community!

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Can You Commit To 110 Acting Classes!?

Hey listen i’ve done something incredible it’s absolutely fantastic i have done something that’s it’s a list it’s a list of an acting activities list now this acting activities list is for a hundred 110 classes it’s organized so that you can pick one of the selections of you know usually between seven and different eight maybe eight different activities and

Then you can choose that and then you can find your motivated activities so you can use this list and work anywhere you can put this stuff in films do all kinds of stuff because you want to be able to incorporate acting activities into your acting so listen if you would please uh check it out absolutely and see what other lists that i have available to be able to help you be able to learn your actions


Okay so let’s go down this list and let’s see listen i pick good good good acting activity i’ve seen over 30 000 acting exercises okay oh way over so look let’s get to work um now there is all the ingredients there we’re going to go step by step we’re going to go through motivation we’re going to go through difficulty we’re going to go through measurable success can you actually see your activity coming to life can you actually if you’re building your career with 110 Acting Classes or just

A house of cards which is this is an okay one but you could build it are you able to see the layers build um now the uh reason are you are you putting your reason with it right then we got the other one urgency urgency on your activities but typically it’s not on the door some people use that for door activities too but um uh consequence are you adding any consequence are you able to add a consequence it doesn’t always work for everybody um then the


Last thing that does work for every single person is emotional preparation you’ve got to be able to find your talent and you pat you find your talent by putting your talent in with your emotions so your activation of talent is the actual acting talent it’s actually what it is that is actually what talent is is whether or not as an actor you can activate your emotional life and still be able to do all these other things so we’ve got this

I’ve got this i’ve done this and i’ve got this completely organized so you can just go down and you can click right on the link and that link will take you right to a product in that product will actually give you even more ideas you can read the description links you can look at the uh the information you don’t you i would like it if you buy the product but you know you work with the ideas to be able to expand your talent that’s the point. Complete 110 Acting Classes!

The point is to be able to expand your talent we want to be able to drive forward creatively we want to be able to expand our talent now that comes from being able to learn first how to focus on the doing the doing the doing is key but then you’re going to later about class uh well later on in the classes on the sheets there you’ll add emotional preparation i’ve got it in very very good solid solid order and you feel free to

Use them out of order if you like so we’re looking at this um that’s that’s the thing we’ve got um drawing faces we’ve got um 3d pop-up cards um there’s chalkboard glass how to be able to make um a chalkboard glass we’ll use this chalkboard projects there’s origami projects there’s uh be spoken wall art um and instructions on how to get this stuff done and do it actually right now all of these different

Acting activities are exactly what you need to be able to work to do to one learn the craft of acting and two because acting is interaction right so you work with that and then you work with the interaction with the acting exercise and here’s the thing there is a lot of value you can get from this there is a ton of value now there’s relief carving on wood there is um

110 Acting Classes Challenge with Acting Activities Not Just Scripts!

How to be able to do all these different activities of 110 Acting Classes making with fishing lures wooden fishing lures there’s an instruction on how to be able to do it so the fish will actually come and you can make them out of wood um premium um glass bottle cutters you can get a glass bottle and you can actually have the activity of cutting and a half for

Crafts or projects or something that’s really cool stuff that you’re motivated to do um now oh that’s what i was saying was basically all of these different acting activities acting activities is that you’ve got the ability to do the acting exercise and there’s all great values to all of it but then the other thing is that is if you learn how to do the acting activity well then you put that on your acting resume i’m not kidding

Can you sketch can you sketch a person’s uh face figure um um can you um do some sort of uh architect do you understand basic architecture i mean do you look at different things that are able to handle yourself within those different environments and then this is how you find your own parts in in acting because you’re able to find your own interests

Now you can carve um you can um carve the top of a crane that’s great great uh sorry i’m a cane sorry king um uh making a lamp out of um an object uh there is 25 different instructions to be able to make different types of lamps to be able to make an uh um out of of um an object they’re very different there’s different objects um poly polymer uh modeling clay kit there’s a there’s a carving wood um

Specific thing you can build your own ukulele you can build your own guitar you can build oh gosh um there’s uh you can um there’s a copious uh there’s there’s you know flare like bartending flare you can learn bartending flare there’s there’s bottles to get bartending flare um all sorts of things this is incredible incredible stuff there is a dye fabricing kit right that’s another one um there is carving kit um which is a different this

Is that you can build your own turtle a turtle carving kit and you can also make other shapes um drawing a rose um uh re-tapping it’s called re-tapping the badminton racket that’s interesting um it could be for somebody a tennis racket um um uh you can redo the spool on it right um there’s great great list this is over

1100 by the way there’s over 1100 acting activities on this list and i’m i’m asking for eleven dollars for the list for now and we’ll see because i don’t know if people are going to use the links or not but i really do want you to be able to use the links and it is great it is a really good these are the acting worksheets and you can literally pick up a worksheet and work from that and probably in a very short amount of time you can then be able to work with that

Worksheet and be able to go yeah this is great i’ve got a motivated you’ve got a motivation you’ve got to be able to get a reason you can you write that all down on one single sheet and it’s all organized for you and you just fill it in and you decide yourself on how to be able to do that or you work and fill it in on the computer either way okay so this is absolutely incredible um incredible you can do all sorts of that various neat um

You can do kelp making oh my goodness there is an absolute instructional on kilt making and on top of that there is then a back up list on top of the 1100 there is then a backup list so if you don’t like that days you know and there’s 110 days then you work with that day that that 110 Acting Classes days and say if you don’t like that day and something just you know you only have one i suggest you pick three out of the

List of uh usually eight or ten it then you work with that and you work with it and you think okay then you go to the backup list you go to the backup list and guaranteed you’re going to be able to get something to be able to do your acting and it’s fantastic it’s fantastic okay so i teach people how to get upset i have a lot of fun teaching people how to literally purposefully upset themselves actually making their own activations up so that they’re

Emotionally activated there’s something that they can get upset about within a ballpark of emotion but the key the absolute key is i don’t want you to carry around that stuff in your life that’s what’s called acting baggage you want to be able to learn a technique i have to be able to tell you that it would be a disservice for me to teach you all these incredible techniques on how to access yourself as an artist with 110 Acting Classes.

Without reminding you very nicely that you don’t need your acting baggage in life so feel free work on processes where you have a release time after you’re doing your acting and what this will do is it will actually amplify your work because it will give your acting muscles the break that they need in order to get the rest that they need so that your work will be even stronger okay thanks very much

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