Emotional Preparation is the way to add emotion into acting. In fact, activate your emotion into your acting interaction. After activating your own emotional range receive the other actor! Gain the ability of an active emotion then leap with faith into your acting. Soul search for your specific range of emotion so you can connect deeper. Emotions lie beneath the surface of feelings. Feelings are inclinations!

Activate Your Emotions

Emotional Preparation is THE Most Important Acting Technique! Add emotion into your acting to amplify your talent. Your emotions lie beneath your feelings. Feelings are inclinations. Act with Emotions!

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Acting Activities to practice the DOING with the BEING (Emotion!)

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Why Emotional Preparation

Benefit 1

Gain the Access to your Locked In Emotions

Benefit 2

Expand Your 
in your acting.

Benefit 3

Help Yourself Express real impulses in real time.

Benefit 4

Put your emotions into your work and have your emotions work for you instead of against you.


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Our Story

Client Testimonials

“I started using some of the Techniques you wrote about on your website and it started working in my classes. I just wanted to say thank you .”


“It was astonishing the difference between an Actor who has Emotional Preparation and one that does not. It is like one Actor is awake when the other is asleep, even though they are both together in the scene.”


“Simon is Right when he says Emotion is the Secret Sauce to acting! An activated Actor is so much more alive than a Logical Actor!”


“Turn Your Emotions Into Your Talent, Instead of Your Neurosis!”

Emphasizing the Health of an Actor self activating emotion then releasing their activated emotions after their acting is the KEY!.   
Don’t Carry around your acting Baggage in Life!
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Add Emotion into Your Acting with Emotional Preparation!








Simon Blake Acting Teacher of Emotional Preparation


Simon Blake is an avid student and teacher of acting. Activating emotion is the most exciting part of acting. The most difficult part of acting is Emotional Preparation.


Find your Emotion
Your Emotion lies beneath your Feelings


Put Your Emotion into Interaction by Receiving!

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